Step into the world of tranquil landscapes and happy little trees with our Bob Ross Style Painting Classes at Geek Brush Studio! Led by the passionate and certified Bob Ross instructor, Brenda Fineman, these classes are designed to inspire both the novice and the seasoned artist. Set in the charming town of Chelsea, Michigan, our studio provides the perfect backdrop to unwind and unleash your creativity through the joyous techniques of Bob Ross. We also host classes at local venues including Robin Hills Farm, the Crazy Diamond, Cherry Creek Cellars, and more.

The Bob Ross Experience

Bob Ross popularized the wet-on-wet oil painting technique that allows for quick and beautiful landscape paintings. At Geek Brush Studio, Brenda brings this technique to life, guiding you through the steps to create your own artwork in just one session. Whether you’re looking to replicate the mystic mountains, serene lakes, or whispering woods, Brenda’s expertise will help you achieve impressive results that you’ll be proud to display.

Class Offerings

  • Regular Sessions: Our standard Bob Ross classes are conducted over a relaxed 3-hour period. These sessions are perfect for those looking to delve deeper into the world of landscape painting while enjoying a laid-back and therapeutic atmosphere.
  • Mini Sessions: Short on time? No problem! We also offer mini sessions that last for about 2 hours. These are great for a quick escape into the world of art, suitable for those with busy schedules who still want to experience the pleasure of painting.
  • Skill Series: Looking to hone some specific skills? Our skill series gives you time to dive deeply in to techniques like mastering different style of trees, creating natural fluffy clouds, or perfecting the knife work needed for majestic mountains and cozy cabins.
  • Watercolor: Want to learn some simple watercolor techniques? While not a Bob Ross style class, watercolor painting can offer unique rewards of its own. These watercolor sessions last about 2 hours and you’ll produce a small scale finished work to take home.

Special Features

  • All Materials Provided: At Geek Brush Studio, we believe in hassle-free creativity. All participants are provided with high-quality art supplies including a canvas, oil paints, brushes, and use of an easel. Just bring your enthusiasm and love for art – we handle the rest!
  • Beverages Welcome: In the Studio complementary coffee, tea, and cocoa are always provided. And while we do not serve alcohol, we are BYOB friendly if you’d like to bring your favorite beverage to sip. For events at Robin Hills, the Crazy Diamond, and Cherry Creek Cellars, full cash bars are available!

Join Us!

Whether you’re a budding painter or just looking for a different kind of night out, our Bob Ross Style Painting Classes offer something unique and memorable. Brenda’s friendly guidance and the peaceful painting process provide a perfect blend of relaxation and creative expression.

For more information on class schedules, click below. Connect with art, nature, and new friends at Geek Brush Studio – where every stroke is a step towards peace and creativity.