Seascape – Oval


  • Oil painting on canvas
  • One of a kind hand-painted artwork inspired by Bob Ross
  • Size: 16″ x 20″
  • Signed on the front
  • Authenticity photo with artist included
  • Framing available
  • Artist: Brenda Fineman


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Brenda Fineman’s oil painting “Seascape” is a captivating portrayal of the ocean’s dynamic presence, masterfully contained within an elliptical vignette that draws the viewer’s eye to the tumultuous heart of the sea. Inspired by the renowned “wet on wet” technique of Bob Ross, Fineman’s rendition transcends the traditional rectangular frame, opting instead for an elliptical window that gives the impression of peering through a porthole into the very soul of the ocean.

The color palette is a deep dance of blues, ranging from the darkest navy to the brightest cerulean, suggesting both the ocean’s depth and its surface playfulness. The waves crest with a ferocious energy, white foam curling and crashing with a realism that can almost be heard. Fineman’s skillful brushwork captures the swirling currents and the powerful motion of water, each stroke contributing to the overall sensation of movement.

Above this marine dance, the sky is an echo of the sea’s moodiness, with bands of dark reds and purples streaking across the horizon, implying the volatile beauty of a coastal sky at the brink of daybreak or dusk. This atmospheric effect above the horizon contrasts with the clear, lighter blue at the zenith, adding a sense of the vastness of both sea and sky within the confines of the elliptical form.

Framing the wild seascape, the distant trees on a promontory stand resolute, their dark silhouettes offering a quiet sentinel against the sky’s changing colors. They remind the viewer of the steadfastness of land amidst the ever-changing sea.

“Seascape” by Brenda Fineman is not just a visual feast; it is an invitation to contemplate the powerful beauty of the ocean. The elliptical vignette enhances the intimacy of the viewing experience, offering a portal to the majestic and eternal dance between sea and sky. This piece would not only be a striking addition to any space but also a constant reminder of the ocean’s enduring allure.


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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 4 in

Unframed, Oak Frame, Walnut Frame, Blue Grey Driftwood Frame