Blue Moon


  • Oil painting on canvas
  • One of a kind hand-painted artwork inspired by Bob Ross
  • Size: 12″ x 16″
  • Signed on the front
  • Authenticity photo with artist included
  • Framing available
  • Artist: Brenda Fineman


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Brenda Fineman’s “Blue Moon” is a mesmerizing oil painting that captures the captivating dance between the lunar glow and the nocturnal sea. With the Bob Ross “wet on wet” technique, Fineman intricately crafts a night seascape that is alive with motion and luminosity.

The canvas is bathed in a spectrum of blues, creating a monochromatic masterpiece that explores the depth and variety of a single color. The moon, a subtle but radiant presence in the sky, casts its soft light upon the clouds and the ocean, creating a path of shimmering light across the painting.

The clouds, with their silver-lined edges, appear to be in motion, as if they are gently gliding across the night sky. Their texture is rich and fluffy, providing a dynamic contrast to the smooth surface of the water below. The moon’s reflection on the water adds a sense of serenity to the scene, its light a guidepost for nocturnal wanderers.

The waves, meticulously painted with a blend of dark and light blues, crest with a gentle power. The white foam of the breaking wave is highlighted by the moonlight, giving the wave a radiant quality as it rolls towards the shore. Fineman’s use of varying shades of blue within the waves themselves gives the water a sense of volume and weight, suggesting the vastness and depth of the ocean at night.

“Blue Moon” is a testament to the quiet beauty that can be found in the natural world when day turns to night. It is a painting that not only depicts a scene but also evokes the tranquil and reflective mood that a moonlit seascape can instill. This piece, with its soothing palette and gentle luminescence, would bring a calming influence to any space, inviting viewers to meditate on the rhythmic beauty of the sea under the soft glow of a blue moon.

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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 4 in

Unframed, Oak Frame, Walnut Frame, Blue Grey Driftwood Frame