Blue Winter


  • Oil painting on canvas
  • One of a kind hand-painted artwork inspired by Bob Ross
  • Size: 9″ x 12″ (unframed)
  • Signed on the front
  • Authenticity photo with artist included
  • Framing available
  • Artist: Brenda Fineman
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In the oil painting “Blue Winter” inspired by the Bob Ross work of the same name, Brenda Fineman transports viewers to a serene, frozen landscape, suffused with the quietude and stark beauty of the winter season. Through the adept use of Ross’ “wet on wet” technique, Fineman expertly layers and blends oils to create a scene that is at once vivid and ethereal.

The work is characterized by a cool palette, dominated by shades of blue that capture the chill of winter. The mountains, painted in the background, rise majestically, their peaks touched by the golden light of a distant and unseen sun, suggesting the early hours of the morning. The snow-covered slopes and crags are rendered with a textured quality that gives weight to the snow’s accumulation, and the play of light and shadow across them creates a palpable sense of depth.

In the foreground, the artist has paid meticulous attention to the pine trees, cloaked in snow, their branches bending under the weight. The trees frame a frozen river that meanders through the valley, its surface reflecting the subtle light of the overcast sky. The brushwork here is smooth and flowing, contrasting with the rough, impasto strokes of the snow-laden trees and rugged terrain.

The sky above is a tapestry of soft clouds and clearings, with the light diffusing through the moisture-laden air, casting a soft glow that illuminates the scene. There’s an impression of solitude, of nature undisturbed by human presence, that invites contemplation.

“Blue Winter” by Brenda Fineman is a homage to the stark, yet subtle landscapes portrayed by Bob Ross, reinterpreted through her unique vision. The painting offers a moment of reflection, a pause in the rush of life to appreciate the silent and profound beauty of the natural world in its winter repose. This piece would bring a sense of calm and wonder to any space it inhabits, reminding viewers of the quiet majesty of the colder months.

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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 2 in

Unframed, Oak Frame, Walnut Frame, Blue Grey Driftwood Frame